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Fall 2019 Coffee Offerings

  • Our stand-out fall releases are hitting the shelves and ready to be sipped on brisk, foggy California mornings. The coffees we have sourced highlight small farms and co-ops from all over the world doing big things to help their communities.



Our fall blend is a tribute to women farmers doing the work to make a difference in their communities. The blend is comprised of two coffees. One from a women-led coffee farming co-op Rwanda, and the other from a woman who started a 22 acre farm Nicaragua to support her family of 5. Through partnering with our importer, both producers are able to pay their workers more and develop more sustainable coffee processing techniques.

This blend reminds us of of late-season blooms and the shift from the hectic summer days to the beginning of cozy times spent inside baking. Notes of clove, cane sugar, and rose petal make the cup intriguing, complex, and comfortably familiar. Sort of like that favorite flannel you pull out of the back of your closet on the first foggy chill morning of fall.


This coffee from El Salvador is wonderfully juicy, bright, and fruity. The bean varietal, Pacamara, is known for being much larger than traditional coffee. The large surface area of the bean presents a challenge for roasters in finding the precise amount of heat and time to tease out the unique flavors this bean offers. We taste strawberry jam, lemonade, black cherry

Las Isabellas estate is known for its commitment to education and sustainability. By producing coffee they are able to provide potable water to the areas school and neighboring farms. They also pay the area school’s Kindergarten teachers’ salary as well as providing important needs such as new classroom lighting, blackboards, backpacks, and school supplies for the students.


Costa Rica Dota Peaberry is sourced from from a co-op in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Co-op is committed to growing the local economy through creating jobs. The co-op has a coffee shop and a hardware store that serve as community centers.

Peaberry coffee is recognizable by its pea-like shape. The beans are usually smaller in size and more spherical than normal oblong beans. Peaberry is sought after, and especially rare in Central America. We taste marzipan, orange sherbet, and the cup has a lovely sandalwood aroma. It is warm and bright and invites you to slow down and take it in.

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